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  1. Describe your typical Monday.

All Mondays I get up at half past seven and check my email, thridteen minutes after I have a breakfast, one coffe and one croisant. At ten o'clock I finish my homework of English and my homework of IT, because I worked in the weekend.

I finish English at two o'clock everyday and 1 hour more later I started the high school until at seven o'clock.

But it isn't the finish, at half past seven I started my training, I'm a manager of the small football team until at nine o'clock.

I like the night of Monday because in TV I can watch my favourite serie “The Walking Dead” and have the bed very quickly.

  1. Describe your two members of your family (personality, appearance and clothes).

My brother Joan.

My brother is bald, but he has beatiful blue eyes. He is a medium short. For the other hand he is director of Hospital why he is a hardworking. He is very funny, friendly and generous.

My girlfriend Elena.

My girl is very beatiful, She has a curly brown hair and she has green eyes. Her clothes is very special, She buys in the special one shop. She is a few talkative, but is a person generous and clever.

  1. YOUR LAST HOLIDAY Write 12 questions and 12 answers.
  • Where did you go? I went to Canada
  • When did you go? I went on June of last year.
  • Who did yo go with? My girlfriend Elena.
  • Who did you stay? We stayed in various flat. We booked the room online.
  • What was the food like? The food wasn't nothing especial, but there were much fast food restaurant.
  • What was the weather like? It was very cold because we stayed in the mountain.
  • What did you do during the day? During the day, we went for a walk, took some photos and we spent our time in relaxed.
  • What did you do at night? We rested to be ready for the next day.
  • Did you have a good time? Yes, we did. It was very relaxing experience
  • Did you have any problems? No, we didn't. The Canadians are very friendly and helpful. We had a plan very organized
  1. Describe Barcelona. What can tourists do in BCN? Compare BCN with another city.

Barcelona is amazing city, You can go to the beach, to the mountain, to the underground of city, you can see art and music. In Barcelona the line of Metro is very clear and fast for you see the singhts.

Barcelona is better than Madrid why in Madrid hasn't a beach.

Barcelona have a more humity of Cordoba why Barcelona is next to the beach.

The summer in Barcelona is beatiful and young.